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The regions of Kansas make up some of the most interesting places to explore in the country. To learn more, order a Free Kansas Visitor Guide.

Visit cowboy towns to learn of the many legends that abound, visit museums and take in the history of the area such as Native American tribes, farming and pioneer history, and view American bison up close and personal. Prairies of tall grass are the largest remaining originals in North America.

Some visitors may prefer activities such as world-class racing and a variety of shopping choices, distinctive dining and lodging, visiting zoos, or art fairs. Whatever you decide to do in Kansas, the experience will be unlike any other. A Free Kansas Visitor Brochure will show you the way!
If you’re thinking about taking a vacation to Kansas soon, you’re probably on the look out for travel deals.  The tourism industry can be slow in the Midwestern state, but that only adds to the abundance of travel deals available.  You can find fantastic deals on hotels, cars, and area attractions if you know where to look! Start your search for Kansas travel deals at the states official tourism website, found at TravelKS.com.  Here you’ll find plenty of useful information for planning your Kansas vacation, as well as great travel deals.  Use the menu on the left side of the site to navigate to the hot deals section.  For example, if you’re headed to the central prairie section of the state, you can get a free GPS rental at Great Bend. Check back to the travel deals section of the site frequently as new deals are added all the time.  You never know what deals will be available, and discounted tickets are a great reason to try a new activity, or visit a new place.  There’s tons of unusual things to do in Kansas, so keep your mind open as you sort through the hot deals. When you visit Kansas, you can score even more travel deals by showing your military ID or group membership card around.  If you’re affiliated with AAA or AARP, you can use their websites to find businesses, restaurants, and retailers that offer special members only discounts.  Some businesses will display the AAA logo or AARP logo on their door if they offer a discount, though not everyone advertises so openly.  Take advantage of all the discounts you can find to make your Kansas vacation even more affordable than ever before!
Kansas, also known as the sunflower state, has long been luring tourists seeking adventure and the road less traveled to it’s rolling plains and majestic hills.  The Midwestern state is completely landlocked, and is bordered by four other states.  The area of present day Kansas used to be inhabited by Kansa Native Americans, for which it was named after. Much of the area of Kansas is flat, prairie land.  The first settlers to arrive in Kansas began working the land and growing crops.  Even today, Kansas soil is some of the most fertile in the country, and much of the Nations agricultural products come from there. Kansas is home to more than two million people, making it the 33rd most populous state in the Nation.  In terms of area, Kansas ranks 15th.  Agriculture plays a large part in the states economy, since the land is so fertile.  Kansas also ranks 8th in American oil production. In the springtime, Kansas sees its fair share of extreme weather.  Tornadoes are not uncommon in the state, and on average, the state sees roughly 50 tornadoes per year.  Kansas has a higher number of tornadoes each year than any other state except for Texas, which is significantly larger in terms of area. With such variety and natural beauty, it’s easy to see why so many people call Kansas home and why so many other people choose to vacation to Kansas each year.
Kansas is a fun Midwestern state with plenty of things to do and places to see.  With so many options, deciding where to start your vacation may seem like a nearly impossible task.  No matter what you enjoy doing, you can be sure that Kansas has just what you’re looking for! Most travelers headed to Kansas want to see the sunflower fields that the state is so well known for.  If you travel in the late summer or early fall, odds are that you can find a farm in the prairie region growing thousands upon thousands of the beautiful blooms.  Some farms will even let you pick your own sunflowers, for a beautiful souvenir.  Sunflower fields are great places to visit for amateur photographers.  Be careful though, about the time that the sunflowers are in bloom, another tornado season is beginning! After you enjoy the beautiful display of sunflowers, head to the town of Wamego to the Oz museum.  Here you’ll find a replica of Dorothy’s house, as well as many other displays themed around the movie that made Kansas famous. If you enjoy unusual sights, you can check out the world’s largest ball of twine in Cawker City.  The record was set in 1953 and has since been disputed, but it is still a sight to see!  There’s also the big well in Greensburg, which is the worlds largest hand-dug well.   If you’re unsure of what local sites are near you, keep your eyes peeled as you travel along the highway for signs that may indicate nearby places of interest.  No matter what types of things you enjoy doing and seeing on your vacation, Kansas has plenty of things that may interest you!
Parks and Activities in Kansas If you’re the type of person who enjoys getting outdoors and enjoying some fresh air, Kansas is the place to be!  There are numerous parks throughout the state, and there are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and have an adventure.  Whatever type of outdoor enthusiast you are, you’ll find something exciting to do in Kansas. If your travels take you to the Southwest corner of Kansas, you’ll find Meade State Park.  The park offers visitors plenty of opportunities for camping, hiking, picnicking, and fishing in an 80 acre lake.  There is a small admission fee to gain access to the park. On the opposite corner of the state, in the Northeast area, you’ll find Clinton State Park.  The park is 1500 acres of land along a scenic reservoir.  More than half a million people visit the park annually to enjoy activities like picnicking, playgrounds, camping, archery, hiking, nature walking, and water sports. In the Southeast corner you’ll find Crawford State Park.  The park surrounds a man made lake that was created in the 1930’s.  There are several campgrounds within the park, and lakefront cabins that are available for rent.  Hiking, water sports, and plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities are also available. No matter what you enjoy doing, the bounty of parks throughout the state means you’ll always be near a park so you can get out and enjoy nature during your vacation.
Getting to Kansas There are many ways you can get to Kansas.  Whether you prefer flying or driving, you’ll find it easy to access your favorite spots throughout the state for family fun.   Two interstate highways cross the state of Kansas.  Interstate 70 runs East to West, connecting St. Louis, Missouri to Denver, Colorado.  The cities of Lawrence and Topeka are along this interstate.  Running from North to South is Interstate 35.  This road connects Des Moines, Iowa to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Along the way the highway passes through Wichita and El Dorado, Kansas. If you would rather fly to Kansas, you won’t find any major international airports to fly into or out of.  The largest aiport is a class C commercial airport called Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.  If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll have to go to a neighboring state’s airport. Finally, you always have the option of riding the bus.  Although this isn’t the most fashionable way to get to Kansas, it’s by far one of the cheapest.  Bus routes go throughout the state, and there are very few major cities you can’t get to via bus.  If you choose this method of travel, not only will you save a lot of money, you’ll also get to see the sights along the way as you cruise by.  Chat up the locals and get great tips on places to go during your vacation! No matter how you wind up getting to Kansas, travel to and around the state has been designed to be simple for the thousands of visitors that arrive each year.