Minnesota Free Brochures

Minnesota is a land of over 10,000 spectacular lakes and many generations of families have enjoyed vacationing in lakeside resorts. Fishing, swimming, boating, skiing, cycling are all part of that tradition. A Minnesota Travel Brochure will show you how much more there is to discover in this great state!

You’ll learn about water parks, art centers, street fairs, shopping districts and malls, big city attractions like dining and dancing and lodging all are part of the landscape in Minnesota.

So many interesting and exciting things exist in Minnesota, finding time to get it all in may be difficult. Your Minnesota Travel Guide may come in handy when you come back time and time again to discover the beauty and depth of this state!
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Minnesota, or The North Star State, is located in the Midwestern portion of the United States. St. Paul is the capital of the state, and Minneapolis is the largest city. Minnesota has many things to see and do; therefore, the state is an excellent location for a vacation. Minnesota is often referred to as The Land of 10,000 Lakes because the state is home to more than 15,000 lakes. If you love the outdoors, Minnesota is the place for you. You can fish, hike, bike, kayak or play golf. During the winter months, skiing and snowmobiling are popular activities. The state is home to numerous water parks, zoos and amusement parks. Lake Michigan and Lake Superior both border the state of Minnesota.
The most popular place to visit in Minnesota is Mall of America. Located in Bloomington, the mall consists of more than 500 stores, 50 restaurants and numerous other attractions. The mall is the size of 78 football fields. Minneapolis and St. Paul are two cities popular for their theater and cultural activities. You can attend a theater production on the Mississippi River, or you can visit one of the interesting museums in the area. Another gorgeous place to visit in the state is Gooseberry Falls. You will experience stunning scenery as waterfalls cascade over the gorge. You cannot visit the falls without a camera because you will be sure to see some incredible sights. Minnesota is home to spectacular golf courses. One of the most popular courses in the state is the Deacon’s Lodge Golf Course, which is located in Brainerd. This course was designed by Arnold Palmer. See more here: www.explorebrainerdlakes.com/
The weather in the summer is very nice; however, the winters can be harsh. Annual rainfall is as much as 32 inches, and much of the precipitation occurs between May and September. Minnesota is located in the northern Midwest region of the United States along Lake Superior, bordering Canada, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.
If you like adventure, Itasca State Park is home to more than 30,000 acres of land. The park features 100 lakes and 50 miles of hiking trails. You can enjoy camping, fishing and hiking. Bear Head Lake State Park is one of the best parks in the country. This park is home to black bears, gorgeous lakes, massive trees, majestic eagles and even moose. You can swim at the beach, canoe down the shore or enjoy a picnic.
Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is the largest airport in Minnesota. You can find affordable flights to and from the airport from most major cities in the country. The major highways that run through the state include Interstate 35, Interstate 90 and Interstate 94.