Nebraska Free Brochures

Many first-time vacationers are surprised by the list of endless possibilities for vacation fun offered in Nebraska. A Nebraska Travel Brochure will describe the opportunities for vacation fun throughout each region of the state.

Romantic getaways, historical museums rich with information and artifacts of explorers, plains Indians and pioneers, art museums, fairs, shopping, are just a few of the many things to do.

The outdoors enthusiast will enjoy experiencing prairie wildlife, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, biking, and star gazing. Around every corner you’ll taste the delights of Nebraska—your Nebraska Travel Guide will help you experience all there is to see and do in this surprising Midwestern state!
If you’re planning a vacation to Nebraska soon, you’re probably searching the internet for travel deals.  The tourism industry is fairly competitive in the Midwestern state, and deals on hotels, cars, and area attractions are easy to find if you know where to look. Start your search for Nebraska travel deals at the states official tourism website, found at  Here you’ll find a bunch of useful information on the state, as well as helpful tools that will help you get the best deal on your vacation.  A full listing of hotels will help you locate a room close to your destination, and since you have so many to choose from you can shop around for the best deals available. The site also offers visitors the opportunity to score a free vacation guide.  Picking up free vacation guides are a great way to plan your trip in advance.  You can read about the best attractions, and get great tips on seasonal activities.  Little known and out of the way restaurants and businesses like to advertise in vacation guides, and often you’ll find exclusive money saving coupons as well! When you visit Nebraska, be sure to show your group membership card or military ID for even more savings at top attractions, hotels, and restaurants.  The tourism industry is alive and well in Nebraska and there are plenty of deals to be had by all!  Don’t be afraid to ask around to try to find even more savings on your vacation.  With so many deals available, it’s never been easier to save money and have a great fun filled vacation!
Nebraska, also known as the cornhusker state, has been drawing tourists to its landlocked borders for quite some time.  The moderately sized state is best known for its college sports, which the locals and visitors all seem to share a passion for.  Nebraska is bordered by 6 other states! Nebraska is home to more than a million people and is the 38th most populous state in the Nation.  In terms of area, Nebraska ranks 16th.  Agriculture and manufacturing make up the majority of the states economy, and Nebraska is currently the leading state in ranching. The part of the country that Nebraska sits in was at one point known as the great American desert.  Before European settlers arrived, Native American Indian tribes occupied the land, which was known for its fertile soil and hunting opportunities. The climate of Nebraska varies greatly by season.  Summer is known for scorching heat, while winter is generally categorized by bitter cold.  Nebraska sits in Tornado alley, and the state sees its fair share of Thunderstorm activity, which sometimes spawns tornadoes.  Most tornadoes occur in the spring and summer months, although the fall can be quite active during certain years. With such a wide variety throughout the state, it’s easy to see why so many people call the state home and why so many others choose to vacation in Nebraska each year.
Nebraska is a land-locked Midwestern state with plenty of things to do and places to see.  There are so many options of ways to spend your Nebraska vacation that choosing where to begin your adventure may seem like an impossible task.  No matter what types of things you enjoy doing, Nebraska has just what you’re looking for. For most people headed to Nebraska, seeing a working ranch tops their list of places of interest.  If you’re traveling to the Southeast corner of the state, you’re in luck!  Hilltop Mini Ranch offers visitors a chance to see an actual horse ranch, and view the majestic spotted Appaloosa horses.  The ranch is located in the town of Phillips, Nebraska. If you’re looking for a whimsical tourist attraction, check out Carhenge located in Alliance, Nebraska, which is on the panhandle portion of the state.  Carhenge is a replica of the world famous Stonehenge, but it is made of old cars.  The landmark was created in 1987 by six families celebrating a family reunion.  Not your typical family reunion activity, and not your typical landmark! Finally, if you’re like most travelers headed to Nebraska, you’re probably hoping to catch a football game.  If you head to the Eastern portion of the state during the right season, you might be lucky enough to get tickets to a University of Nebraska Cornhuskers game.  The college team is located in Lincoln Nebraska, and fans enjoy energetic games full of spirit and sportsmanship. No matter what types of things you enjoy doing, Nebraska has just what you’re looking for.  If you’re traveling along the highways and you’re at a loss of what to do, keep your eyes open for signs that will help point out points of interest along the way!
If you’re the type of person who enjoys getting outdoors during your vacation and consider yourself somewhat of an outdoor enthusiast, then Nebraska may be the idea vacation destination for you!  There are plenty of parks and outdoor activities for you to enjoy in the Midwestern state, and no matter what part you’re visiting, there is a variety of parks near you.  Regardless of what types of activities you enjoy, Nebraska has just what you need to challenge and excite you during your vacation. If you’re the type who likes to dig around the past for information and answers, you’ll have a blast at the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument.  The 3,000+ acre site is located in Northwest Nebraska, just 22 miles from the city of Harrison.  At the monument you’ll find quarries full of mammal fossils.  There’s even a museum that has over 500 Indian artifacts. When you need to get away from it all, head up 5,000 feet to Chadron State Park.  Located near the town of Chadron in the panhandle portion of the state you’ll find a modern campground with cabins, RV hookups, and bike trails hidden securely in the quiet, relaxing forest area.  The park also boasts a swimming pool, biking trails, volleyball court and fishing areas. When you’re ready to admire the natural beauty of Nebraska, take a trip to Smith Falls State Park to view the state’s highest waterfall.  The park is located in the North Central part of the state, near the town of Valentine.  The park is open during the day so visitors can view the waterfall.  The park also serves as a nature preserve, and many rare plants are located within its boundaries.  There are a small number of campsites available for overnight guests, and reservations can be made a year in advance. No matter what types of outdoor activities you enjoy taking part in, Nebraska’s state and National parks offer visitors a chance to get outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty the state has to offer.
There are many ways you can travel to Nebraska.  Whether you prefer to drive, fly, or ride the rails, it’s easy to access your favorite spots throughout the state for family fun. If you choose to drive into Nebraska on the state’s primary roadways, you will find numerous interstates and state highways to choose from.  The main East to West roadway is Interstate 80, which spans the entire state, entering near Omaha and exiting at the Southeast tip of the panhandle.  Numerous state highways intersect I-80 at various points throughout the state.  You can access all parts of the state from I-80, making it the most traveled roadway in Nebraska. If you’d rather not spend your vacation driving, hop a plane and head to any one of the conveniently located airports throughout the state.  Nebraska doesn’t have any international airports, but their numerous regional airports provide visitors and residents with plenty of opportunities to catch flights in and out of the state. For the more romantic travelers, why not take a ride on a train?  Nebraska is home to several railroad museums, and the rail system has always played an important part in the states history.  The Transcontinental Railroad originally ran through Nebraska.  The Union Pacific Railway is still headed in the Midwestern state. No matter how you prefer to travel, getting to and around Nebraska is easy for the thousands of visitors that spend their vacations in the state each year.