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Discover the excitement of a vacation in Ohio. An Ohio Travel Brochure will show you how you can have the best vacation ever!

From wild amusement parks to serene State parks, a wide variety of events, activities and attractions are sure to make unforgettable memories for you and your family on your Ohio vacation.

Big city amenities like dining, shopping, shows, and museums are part of what Ohio has to offer. An Ohio Travel Guide is a priceless tool in planning the best vacation ever!
If you’re going to be traveling to Ohio soon, you’re probably looking for travel deals.  The tourism industry in the state can be fairly competitive, leading to plenty of great discounts on hotels, car rentals, and area attractions throughout the state.  It’s easy to find travel deals if you just know where to look. The best place to start your hunt for Ohio travel deals is at the states tourism website, Consumer.DiscoverOhio.com.  Here you’ll find all the information you need to get the most out of your Ohio vacation, including a list of military discounts throughout the state.  For example, the Holiday Inn in Franklin, Ohio offers military members a 10% discount when they show their ID. The site offers other deals on area attractions as well.  The Columbus Zoo gives military members and their family a $2 per person discount with a valid ID card.  Ohio understands the sacrifice our service men and women make to defend our country, and in return many of the local businesses are willing to slash prices and give special discounts to show their appreciation. Even if you’re not a member of the military there are still plenty of ways to save in Ohio.  Traveling off season or showing a group discount card like a AAA card or AARP card are all great ways to get unbeatable travel deals.  The tourism industry in Ohio is alive and well, so there’s no better time to take advantage of all the deals available to you!
Ohio, also known as the buckeye state, has been drawing tourists to its charming Midwestern towns and bustling cities for decades.  The quaint state lies in two geographic areas of the United States, and is in both the Midwest and the Great Lakes region.  Because of that, tourists have plenty of choices when they visit Ohio. Ohio is framed along much of its Northern border by Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes.  Ohio has over 300 miles of coastline along the lake, providing plenty of opportunities for beach goers, as well as opportunities for shipping. The Midwest state is home to over 11 million people and is the seventh most populous state in the Nation.  In terms of area, the state ranks 34th.  It’s smaller size and large population makes Ohio relatively densely populated. Ohio enjoys all four seasons.  Spring, summer, fall and winter are all distinct and separate.  In the spring, Ohio sees plenty of rainy weather.  In the summer it is warm, and temperatures begin to cool down in the fall when the leaves change.  In the winter months, Ohio receives generous amounts of snowfall and cold temperatures. There is an enormous amount of variety throughout the state, which explains why so many people call Ohio home and why so many others choose to visit the quaint Midwest state each year.
Ohio is a bustling Midwestern state with thousands of things to do and places to see.  With so many different choices of how to spend your Ohio vacation, it may seem like an impossible task to decide where to begin.  No matter what types of things you like doing and seeing on your vacation, Ohio has just what you’re looking for. Start your Ohio vacation off by visiting a wacky tourist attraction that is actually an office building.  The Longaberger home office building in Newark, Ohio is shaped like a giant basket.  It’s actually a replica 160 times the size of their medium market basket!  Take your picture in front of the giant structure and enjoy telling the tale of when you saw the biggest basket in America! If you enjoy lighthouses, head North towards Lake Erie.  Along the shores of the great lake, you will find Marblehead lighthouse.  The lighthouse is Lake Erie’s most photographed landmark!  The area around Marblehead lighthouse is also one of Ohio’s newest state parks, so visitors will be able to enjoy the enchanting lighthouse for many years to come!  There are also breathtaking views of the lake all around the lighthouse, and grassy areas that are perfect for picnics. While you’re at the lake, take the opportunity to spread out a towel and soak up some sun.  The Ohio border along the lake provides visitors and residents with plenty of opportunities to relax on the sandy beaches or play in the clear waters.  All types of water sports are available at the lake, so you can do something you love or try your hand at something new.  The beaches are very popular in the summer months, so if you head that way, be sure to give yourself plenty of extra time in case you run into traffic. As you travel through the state, signs along the highway will point out other places you may want to visit.  No matter what types of activities you enjoy doing, there are plenty of things to see and do in Ohio!
If you’re the type of vacationer who enjoys spending time outdoors when they travel, Ohio is the place for you!  The state has plenty of parks and recreation areas spread throughout, so no matter what part of Ohio you’re visiting you’re sure to be near some of the Nation’s best outdoor spaces. If you’re one of those travelers who enjoy staying in a tent over a hotel, Ohio’s Caesar Creek State Park has some of the areas best campgrounds.  The park boasts a total of 285 sites, both sunny and shady for you to enjoy.  There are also hiking trails, boating, and fishing opportunities.  There are even 30 overnight sights for horse riders traveling on a multi-day trail trip. Malabar State Farm near Perrysville, Ohio is the site of the home of Pulitzer Prize winning author Lois Bromfield.  The home and surrounding areas have been preserved, so visitors can experience the beauty of the landscape just as the author would have in her time.  The house has 32 rooms and visitors can tour the mansion year-round. For visitors who want to learn about the history of shipping in Ohio, a visit to the Muskingum River State Park is in order.  The park features 10 hand-operated locks that at one point extended 112 miles down the river.  The locks now serve to shuttle boaters up and down the river. No matter what your preference is, Ohio’s parks offer an incredible number of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature!
There are many ways you can travel to Ohio.  Whether you’re the type of vacationer who prefers driving, flying, riding the rails or taking a boat, there are an endless number of ways you can access your favorite spots for fun in the state. If you choose to drive into Ohio, you can choose from numerous different highways and interstates that transverse the Midwestern state at all angles.  One of the main roads that runs Norht to South is I-75.  The section between Cinncinnati and Dayton is the most traveled portion of roadway in Ohio!  Route 40 also provides visitors with 228 miles of historic highway to travel along as they explore the state. If you would rather fly than drive, Ohio has five international airports to choose from.  The airports are located in the center, Northeast, and Southwest corners of the state.  Visitors traveling to other areas can reach any of the five airports easily on the states extensive roadway system. There are several passenger railways in Ohio, the largest of which is operated by Amtrak.  The lines run in various parts of the state, and provide visitors with a relaxing, and scenic ride. One of the most exotic ways to travel to Ohio is via boat.  If you’re headed to Ohio from across Lake Erie, traveling by boat is the easiest, quickest way to reach your destination.  It is also one of the most exotic, since Ohio is located in the Midwestern region of the United States. No matter how you choose to get to Ohio, travel in and around the state is surprisingly easy.  It’s central location makes it simple to reach no matter which mode of transportation you use.