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If you’re planning a vacation to Washington in the Pacific Northwest, you may be looking for travel deals. The tourism industry in the famously rainy state is highly competitive and there are plenty of deals available to budget conscious travelers. Special discounts and deals are abundant on car rentals, hotels, and area attractions if you’re willing to put in the effort to find them. A great resource for Washington travel deals is the state’s official tourism website, found at ExperienceWA.com. Here you’ll find tons of useful information about the state as well exclusive travel packages and deals. Check back frequently as new deals are added all the time! The deals and packages tab is a great place to find deals on activities you wouldn’t normally try, like sightseeing tours of parts of the state you’ve never even heard about! The site also has a link in the top right corner where you can order a visitors guide. A visitors guide is a way to plan out your trip before you ever set foot on Washington soil. If you know where you want to go and what you want to see ahead of time, it’s easier to search for discounts and deals, so you can get the best deal on the things you want to see the most. When you visit Washington, be sure to show your group membership card or military ID for even more discounts. There are several military bases in the state, and nearby businesses tend to have military-friendly discounts. If you’re not sure whether a business has a discount, or if there aren’t any signs posted, don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes, asking is the best way to discover incredible deals that will save you significant money. With so many great deals available, a Washington vacation has never been more affordable!
Washington, also known as the evergreen state, has long been luring tourists to it’s lush green forests, bustling cities, and apple filled orchards. The moderately sized Western state has miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean and hundreds of islands in its Puget Sound area. Washington is the Most Northwestern state in the contiguous 48 states. A unique feature of Washington are it’s volcanic mountain ranges. There are two different ranges that cross through the state. The Olympic mountain range runs along the Olympic Penninsula, while the Cascade range cuts through the middle of the state, running from North to South. The highest mountain in the lower 48 states is Mount Rainer, located in Washington’s Cascade range. The state of Washington is home to more than 6 million people, as is the 13th most populous state in the Nation. In terms of area, Washington ranks 16th. Some large employers in the state include Boeing, Microsoft, and Warehouser. A variety of plants and animals call Washington home. Many types of large mammals such as black bears, grizzly bears, and cougars roam free in the forested mountains. Orca whales are often seen in Puget Sound. The state also boasts a large population of Redwood trees and Cedar trees. With such variety, it’s easy to see why so many people call Washington home and why so many others choose to vacation there each year.
There are thousands of things to do and see on your Washington vacation. The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the country, and Washington state has plenty of unique experiences to offer visitors. No matter what types of things you enjoy seeing on your vacation, Washington has just what you’re looking for! Most people headed to the evergreen state make a point of stopping in Seattle. There are several landmarks worth seeing in the city, and the city is pedestrian friendly, which makes it easy to see everything by foot. Your first stop in the city should be to the space needle. While looking at it from the ground is impressive, that doesn’t compare to the view from the top. Elevators will take you high into the sky for a breathtaking view of the city, the sound, and the surrounding mountains. There’s also a restaurant at the top of the space needle serving gourmet cuisine. One of Washington’s newest tourist attractions is the town of Forks. Fans of twilight will enjoy strolling the streets where the movie franchise was filmed. Local businesses have caught the fever and offer twilight themed merchandise and food specials. If you’re a fan of water, take a trip out to Ocean Shores, Washington. The coastal town sits on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and visitors can enjoy plenty of opportunities for surfing, swimming, and fishing. Charters leave from the coastal town on a continual basis, taking fisherman out to find the biggest catch! Signs along the highways will point out even more places of interest that you may want to visit. No matter what part of the state you’re traveling to, there are plenty of things to do and see in Washington!
If you’re the type of traveler who enjoys getting outdoors and enjoying nature during your vacation, there’s no better place to go than Washington! The state has hundreds of parks and forests to provide visitors and residents with tons of opportunities to get outdoors. The parks offer a wide variety of activities to quench your inner thirst for adventure! At the base of Mount Rainier, you’ll find a small town called Eatonville. In the small town is hidden one of Washington’s best kept secrets. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park gives visitors the opportunity to see many local animals in their natural habitats, unobstructed by fences and borders. Visitors get to ride a tram throughout the park for a guided tour by a park official. There’s even a herd of Bison in the park that often roam right up to the tram, within an arms reach of the windows! Paved walking paths in another part of the park lead to natural, enclosed areas where large predators are kept for viewing. There’s a special part of the park for children, as well as hiking trails and guide-led small animal tours where visitors can get up and close and personal with small animals such as rabbits, porcupines, and skunks. Another great opportunity to enjoy nature lies farther into the Cascade mountains. Near the town of Chelan, Lake Chelan is an outdoor lovers paradise. Many different outdoor activities surround the lake in the nearby town, including camping and golfing. The lake is open to motorized boats, swimmers, and other types of use. The lake is over 55 miles long and was carved by the Cascade mountains. The recreation area encompasses over 62,000 acres. One of the largest and most well known parks in the state is Mount Rainier National Park. There are four main entrances into the park, making it easy to get to from multiple directions. Attractions include a collection of waterfalls, opportunities to wildlife viewing, hiking, rock climbing, and camping. There are several visitors centers in the park that can help assist you in locating specific parts you wish to see. No matter what your preference is, Washington’s many parks offer an array of activities to suit all types of outdoor enthusiasts.
There are many ways you can travel to Washington state. Whether you prefer to fly, drive, or take another form of transportation, it’s always easy to access your favorite spots for family fun. Travelers who choose to drive into the Northwest state on the primary roadways will find several main roads to choose from. The main North to South road on the Western half of the state is Interstate 5, which passes through several major cities including Seattle. In the East to West direction, travelers will likely take I-90, which connects Seattle to Spokane. The state has a rather unique shape, which makes road travel difficult. To overcome some of the obstacles, Washington has several floating bridges. Four of the five longest floating bridges in the world are located in Washington state, and these bridges see high volumes of traffic each day. If you would rather fly than drive, there are numerous airports throughout the state to get you to your destination. On the western side, the Sea-Tac International Airport is the primary source of flights entering and leaving the state. On the Eastern side, Spokane International Airport is the largest International Airport. Washington also boasts the largest ferry system in the Nation, and the third largest ferry system in the world. There are 20 different ferry terminals in the state, and over 147,000 trips are made each year. Amtrak also has a presence in the state, and operates a passenger rail route that runs between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia. It is the eighth busiest Amtrak route in the country and is one of the only ones that consistently turns a profit. No matter how you choose to get to Washington, travel to and around the evergreen state has been designed to be easy for the thousands of visitors that arrive each year.