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Arkansas has endless opportunities for outdoor adventures! Enjoy its natural beauty-- waterfalls, caverns and caves, forested mountain trails and scenic drives.

A Free Arkansas Travel Brochure will show you the variety that exists. Art galleries, live theater, professional sporting events, appealing restaurants, historical museums, battlefields, microbreweries and a variety of lodging options can be found. Also, delightful small towns invite you to stop and enjoy a slower pace.

Music festivals and clubs, bistros and performance theaters, horse and greyhound racing will entertain you. The people of Arkansas are the friendliest you’ll meet—but an Arkansas Travel Brochure will likely be your best friend while traveling throughout this amazing state.
Arkansas is a leader in agritourism.  Agritourism refers to an activity that generates extra business for farmers while educating visitors about agriculture.  Tourists can travel around the state visiting farmers markets, selecting vegetables at u-pick farms, taking farm tours, going on winery tours, and going on trail rides.  Agritourism is especially popular among people who live in the city, but would like to escape to the country during their vacation. Arkansas has plentiful shopping and has a number of malls and quaint downtown areas.  The state is also full of antique shops with unique hard to find pieces.  While flea markets can be found anywhere, some towns in Alabama are teeming with them.  Tontitown and Alpena both have exceptionally large flea markets full of bargains and one-of-a-kind pieces.
When nightfall comes, hop on board a riverboat and enjoy a sunset dinner cruise.  Arkansas has a number of lakes and rivers to tour, and there is no shortage of scenery along the way.  Enjoy dinner and dancing as you glide along Lake Hamilton or take in the sights during a 75-minute ride on The Belle of Ozarks.  There are many cruises and tours to choose from, but no matter which you choose the views are sure to spectacular. Arkansas is home to the Buffalo River, which was the country’s first National River.  The river is 150 feet long and has visitors can enjoy spectacular white water rafting along it’s length.  Hiking trails line the edges of the river for less adventurous spirits. Arkansas is a great destination for your next family vacation.  The state has no shortage of entertainment and activities for people of all ages.
Arkansas is located in the southern United States.  It is the 29th largest state and is home to nearly three million people.  Arkansas was purchased as part of the Louisiana Purchase and became the 25th state in 1836.  Most of the eastern border of the state is formed by the Mississippi River, and the state has a thriving agricultural industry.
For some family fun, head over to the Crater of Diamonds State Park and search for Diamonds.  Remember, whatever you find you get to keep!  The Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only public diamond mine in the world and visitors to the mine can sort through a 37-acre plowed field in search of a valuable souvenir.  About 60,000 visitors come to the park each year to dig for diamonds.  When you’re done searching, cool off at the nearby water park.