Kentucky Free Brochures

The Bluegrass State is abundant with entertaining travel options, and a Free Kentucky Travel Brochure will help you plan a memorable vacation.

Scenic beauty, bourbon, music, arts and crafts, cultural heritage, horses, wine and history are just a small sampling of what is available throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kentucky's misty mountains, beautiful rolling hills, stunning lakes and distinct cities welcome visitors to free their spirits and enjoy singular attractions that have no comparison. Visit lush horse farms, enjoy endless adventures at state parks, venture along exceptional bourbon and wine trails, or take pleasure in the wonderful shops, museums and restaurants throughout urban areas.

The beauty and laid-back charm of Kentucky makes the perfect place to escape to and enjoy time with family and close friends. Choose a Kentucky Travel Guide and experience the unique lifestyle and culture that you won’t soon forget.
If you’re planning a vacation to the land of horse racing a bourbon soon, you may be looking for travel deals.  The tourism industry in Kentucky is lively and highly competitive, with plenty of deals to be had by all.  Finding great travel deals on hotels and area attractions is simple when you know where to look! Start your journey to the southern gem by heading over to  An attractive and easy to use website helps visitors find the best travel deals Kentucky has to offer.  Navigate through their user friendly menus to find a comprehensive listing of a wide variety of accommodations.  They even have a special link for military discounts.  Depending on where you’re planning to travel to and what type of room you would like, you can find a pillow to park your head on for as little as $40 per night. The site offers information on area attractions and informs visitors of places offering military discounts.  Military members and up to 10 guests can tour the GM Corvette Assembly Plant for absolutely free, now that’s a great travel deal! While the site offers information on military discounts, it doesn’t note which businesses, restaurants, and hotels have AAA or AARP discounts.  Be sure show your group cards and ask about possible discounts before buying tickets or booking rooms.  Often, unadvertised travel deals are the best kind.  Between the numerous travel deals available and the amount of free information available, traveling to Kentucky is both affordable and easy!
Kentucky, also known as the bluegrass state, has been attracting tourists to it’s relaxed and entertaining towns since 1792 when it became the 15th state to join the Union.  The rolling green hillsides and the soft southern drawl of the locals come together to create an ideal image of southern living. The fertile soil in Kentucky is perfect for growing high quality grasses.  These grasses have made it possible to breed high quality thoroughbred racing horses, something for which the state is well known.  The high quality of the states horses have helped make the Kentucky Derby famous. Kentucky is home to more than 4 million people and is ranked the 26th most populous state in the Nation.  The states primary industries are livestock, agriculture, and automobile manufacturing.  The residents of Kentucky have one of the lowest per-capita incomes in the nation, ranking 43rd with an annual income of $28,513.00. The fertile soil and abundant vegetation makes Kentucky a perfect place for wildlife to reside.  The highest per-capita number of deer and turkey call the state home, as well as the largest herd of free-range elk east of Montana. The natural beauty of Kentucky makes it unlike any other state in the Nation.  The welcoming population and magnificent animals keep tourists coming back year after year.
Kentucky is a commonwealth in the Southern United States with plenty of things to do and places to see.  With the wide variety of activities and interesting places to visit, it may seem difficult to choose what to do on your vacation.  Rest assured that no matter what your family enjoys doing, Kentucky has just the thing for you! Most people who travel to Kentucky try to take time to see at least one brewery or distillery.  The state is known for it’s whiskey and bourbon distilleries, and products made in the bluegrass state are shipped all over the world.  Visitors can tour any number of breweries throughout the state, each ending with a taste of Kentucky for customers over 21 years of age. After tasting the local flavors, take a trip to the world famous Kentucky Derby.  You can bet on a race, or just watch the magnificent thoroughbred racing horses run the course.  Put on a big hat, and sip a mint julep as you take in the sights and sounds of the iconic race track that draws millions of visitors and a fair number of celebrities each year. If you’re interested in cars, the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY is the place for you.  The museum offers activities for all members of your family, a Corvette store full of souvenirs, and frequent raffles for cars and Corvette accessories.  Admission to the museum is free to members of the military.  Civilian tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors, and $5 for children aged 6-16.  Children under 6 are free.  Alternatively, a family pass is available for $25. No matter what part of Kentucky you plan on visiting, the rich history and diverse set of attractions will entertain you and your family for your entire vacation.  There’s plenty of things to do and see in Kentucky!
Outdoor enthusiasts will have no shortage of things to do in Kentucky!  Kentucky is home to 52 State Parks and 4 National Parks.  The parks were named the Nation’s finest, and Kentucky parks see more repeat visitors than any other collection of parks in the Nation! One of the most unique National Parks is located in Kentucky.  Mammoth Cave National Park, in central Kentucky, is the longest known cave system in the world!  The cave system consists of over 390 miles of tunnels, reaching deep into the Earth.  The cave system is stabilized by thick layers of limestone and sandstone.  Tours, ranging from one to six hours are available to visitors throughout the year. If you enjoy horse back riding, Taylorsville Lake State Park has what you’re looking for.  The state park is over 1,200 acres big, and includes 10 equestrian-friendly camp sites.  The park offers 24 miles of multi-use trails, perfect for horseback riding and taking in the scenic views around the lake. Kingdom Come State Park in Eastern Kentucky offers families plenty of fun ways to spend the day.  The park is located on the crest of Pine Mountain and sits at an elevation of 2,700 feet.  Visitors to the park can enjoy a variety of family friendly activities such as mini golf, paddle boating, and hiking trails around several impressive natural rock formations.  The park also features a museum, which is open from the beginning of April until the end of October. No matter how you like to spend your outdoor time, the plentiful parks of Kentucky will entertain you and keep you coming back for more!
Kentucky is one of the easiest states in the Nation to travel to.  Whether you prefer driving, flying, or taking the train, the entire state is easily accessible. Five major highways, nine parkways, and three bypasses make up the main roadways of Kentucky.  In 2006, the governor ended all tolls on parkways throughout the state, making traveling by car more affordable than ever.  Though the speed limit is 65 mph in most of the state, some portions have a slightly higher speed limit of 70 mph, which reduces total travel time significantly over a long distance. Passengers flying into the state by air will likely enter through one of the three primary airports.  The Louisville International Airport, the Cinncinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, and the Bluegrass Airport carry thousands of tourists in and out of the state.  The Louisville International Airport is also home to the UPS Worldport, their international air-sorting hub. Amtrak, a National passenger rail carrier provides service to several locations in Kentucky.  My Old Kentucky Dinner Train, in Boardstown, runs along a 20-mile stretch of privately owned track.  Diners on the dinner train enjoy a four course meal during a two and a half hour round trip with breathtaking views of the Kentucky countryside. No matter how you chose to travel to Kentucky, getting to and around the inviting Southern State is simple and enjoyable.  The memorable views, and uncrowded roadways make Kentucky one of the best states for travel.