Tennessee Free Brochures

There’s so much to see and do in the three regions of Tennessee, that owning a Free Tennessee Vacation Brochure is essential in making your vacation plans.

East Tennessee has picturesque mountains such as the Great Smokies, scenic valleys and rivers as well as large cities. The Middle Tennessee region boasts of rich, fertile farmland, plateaus, a diversity of wildlife, and scenic highways. The Western Region remained Indian land until the Chickasaw Indiana ceded their land between the Tennessee River and the Mississippi River. The portion of the Chickasaw Cession that lies in Kentucky is known today as the Jackson Purchase.

No matter what direction you travel, Tennessee has enough for everyone. Hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting, fishing, camping, as well as shopping, museums, art galleries, and historical sites just to name a few. So grab friends and family, and your free Tennessee Vacation Guide and get out to Tennessee—you’ll want to stay longer!
If you’re planning on heading to Tennessee for your vacation this year, you’re probably surfing the net looking for travel deals.  The tourism industry may be less competitive in Tennessee than other, more well known vacation destinations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find exceptional deals on hotels, cars, and area attractions! A great resource for finding travel deals is TNVacation.com, the states official tourism website.  Here you’ll find a wealth of information about the state, as well as hotel listings and information about area attractions.  If you don’t know what to do on your vacation, the states tourism website is a great resource to find out what’s happening in the state you’ll be visiting.  The complete hotel listing on the website is searchable, so you can see only hotels near where you’re traveling.  A brief description of each hotel will help you choose which one is right for you. If you’re looking for things to do, there’s a special tab on the menu of the website that will give you tons of ideas.  You can even find great places for girlfriend getaways in Tennessee.  It’s always a good idea to order a travel guide from the website while you’re there.  Travel guides often have additional deals and offers that you can take advantage of to make your vacation even more affordable. Don’t forget to show your military ID, or group discount cards while you’re in Tennessee.  The AAA website has a listing of places throughout the state where you can save by showing your card.  Often, business will also give an AARP discount if you’re a member of the Nationally recognized group.  Your group savings card can also get you discounts on airfare and car rentals to get to you to Tennnessee.
Tennessee, also known as the volunteer state, has long been luring tourists to it’s cities and town known for exceptional regional couisine and country music.  Tennessee is part of both the Southern states, as well as the tornado alley region of the United States.  The charming state’s Western border is made up by the Mississippi River, which is the largest river in North America. Tennessee was originally part of North Carolina, and then later part of the Southwest Territory.  It became the 16th state in 1796.  During the Civil War, Tennessee was the last state to join the Confederacy, and it was the first state readmitted to the Union after the war.  More soldiers for both the Union and Confederacy armies came from Tennessee than any other state. Currently, Tennessee is home to more than 6 million people and is the 17th most populous state in the Nation.  In terms of area, Tennessee ranks 36th.  Textiles, cotton, cattle, and power top the list of exports from Tennessee. Tennessee enjoys mild winters and warm summers.  The climate of much of the state is classified as subtropical, but the Appalachian Mountain areas are relatively cooler.  The Gulf of Mexico plays an important role in the states climate, and provides most the precipitation that passes through the area. With such variety throughout the state, it’s easy to see why so many people call Tennessee home, and why so many others choose to visit the state each year.
Tennessee isn’t the largest state in the Nation, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in interesting places to visit.  There are so many things you can do and see in the state, that choosing where exactly to spend your vacation may seem like a difficult task.  No matter what types of things you enjoy doing and seeing, rest assured that there is something for you in Tennessee! For most travelers to the volunteer state, visiting the home of country music tops their list of places to see.  Nashville has long been drawing in tourists to it’s music venues and museums celebrating what is known as a uniquely American variety of music.  Big time country stars, such as Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood have all paid tribute to the home that gave rise to some of the biggest names in country music. If you’re not a fan of country music, maybe you’d prefer rock and roll.  Graceland, home of Elvis, is also in Tennessee.  The estate, featuring a large mansion, sits on 13.5 acres in Memphis.  The home became a museum following The King’s death in 1977.  It is one of the most visited private homes in America, with over 600,000 visitors each year. If you would rather not devote your vacation to musical icons, take a trip back in time to the days when Tennessee was occupied by Native Americans.  The Pinson Mounds in Madison County, Tennessee were constructed in 500 A.D.  The exact function of the mounds is not fully understood, though at least a few of the mounds contain remains of burials.  It is believed that the configuration of the mounds may have something to do with astrology. You will notice many sings along the highway indicating other places of interest that you may want to visit.  No matter what part of the state you travel to, you’ll find plenty of interesting things to do and see in Tennessee!
If you like to spend a good deal of time outdoors on your vacation, then Tennessee is the place to go!  The state has plenty of parks and outdoor spaces for you to take advantage of so you can get outdoors and enjoy nature.  Activities ranging from the mundane to the extreme can all be found in the natural areas dotting the states landscape. Dunbar Cave State Park in Clarksville, Tennessee will appeal to your sense of adventure.  The park hosts cave tours on a regular basis throughout the year.  A guided tour takes visitors through the twists and turns of Dunbar Cave, and it is not unusual to see bats along the way.  Sunset hikes around the park also occur at regular intervals, so tourists can enjoy nature at dusk. Throughout the fall and winter months, parks across the state take part in the Tennessee State Parks Running Tour.  The parks that participate in the tour host various races, lasting from 5 to 13 miles.  Pre-registration for the event is $6, with an additional charge for a t-shirt.  Registration on the day of the event is $13, with no t-shirt.  Runners are encouraged to participate in multiple races, and those who do can earn special awards upon completion. Reelfoot Lake State Park hosts Eagle tours throughout the month of February.  Eagle tours cost $5 per person and reservations must be made in advance.  The tour bus departs from the parks visitor center at 10am sharp. No matter what types of activities you enjoy doing, or what types of sights you enjoy seeing, Tennessee State Parks have an array of activities to suit all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts.
There are many ways you can travel to Tennessee.  Whether you take to the many roadways, fly, or travel by train, it’s easy to access your favorite spots for family fun. Interstate 40 crosses the state from East to West and is the main highway running in that orientation.  Several smaller highways branch off of I-40 to reach various locations throughout the state.  From North to South, there are four different interstate highways.  The highways are spread across the width of the state, so no matter where you’re traveling to, you’re always close to a highway. If you would rather fly into Tennessee than drive, you’ll have your choice of six major airports.  The airports are located in various cities throughout the state, including Memphis and Nashville.  Tennessee is also home to the largest FedEx air hub in the Nation. Amtrak operates the passenger rail line in Tennessee.  The line connects to other states, and is part of a line running from New Orleans, Louisianna, to Chicago, Illinois.  There is also a commuter rail in Nashville, which makes getting to and around the city even easier. You could also arrive in Tennessee by boat.  If you choose to travel along the Mississippi River on a steam boat or river boat, you could easy dock in Tennessee and reach the state that way. No matter how you chose to get to Tennessee, travel to and around the volunteer state has been designed to be easy for the thousands of visitors that arrive each year.