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Arizona is a state where fun and adventure can be found in all regions of the state. An exciting vacation can be found in Old West towns, dude ranches, mines, man-made lakes, railroads, just to name a few. For more information, order a Free Arizona Travel Guide.

Stand in four states at one time at Four Corners Monument on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona. The Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is a mile-deep gorge that stretches for 277 miles across Northern Arizona and is a must see". Zoos and wildlife parks offer exotic habitats unique viewing opportunities and special events. Many unusual museums are located across the state including the Arizona Science Center the Hall of Flame Fire Museum and the Pima Air and Space Museum.

The northern part of the state contains numerous watercraft activities.In Southern Arizona a visit to a dude ranch can be enjoyed by all ages and guests in winter can have a great adventure in any one of Arizona's fabulous ski areas. An Arizona Travel Brochure will probably be one of your best friends while there so no matter how many days you vacation in Arizona you'll find activities and adventure galore!
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The history of Arizona is varied and fascinating.  Luckily, the state has plenty of museums and sites to explore and satisfy your curiosity.  You can tour a museum, explore a haunted hotel, tour a Victorian mansion or visit an old-west town.   The most popular form of outdoor recreation in Arizona is golfing, and the state boasts 300+ courses.  The courses are diverse in terrain and challenge.  No matter your playing level or budget, Arizona has many golf options to fit your vacation style.
If relaxation and pampering is on the top of your vacation to-do list, step inside one of the many luxury spas scattered across the state.  Many of the spas make use of the spectacular scenery to add to the spa experience and help calm and sooth you.  Take in a spectacular sunset while you are massaged and pampered in one of the nations premier spas. If you are traveling with children, there is no lack of entertainment in Arizona.  Take them to the “four corners”, where they can stand in four states at once.  Spend a day at a dude ranch learning to ride.  Visit the past in an old-west town.  Visit one of the state’s zoo’s or wildlife parks.  Take them to the Arizona Science Center, a kid friendly museum.  There’s also swimming, boating, and rafting in one of the numerous lakes throughout the state. There is so much to do in Arizona that you may have to visit more than once to see and experience everything.
Arizona’s climate varies due to the size and variation of elevations.  Lower elevations in the southern part of the state are dominated by drier, desert climates, while the northern part of the state appreciates a much cooler climate.  July through August is known as monsoon season in Arizona and the state experiences extreme amounts of rainfall during this time.
One of the biggest (literally) tourist attractions in Arizona is the Grand Canyon.  The state is nicknamed “The Grand Canyon state” in honor of this wonder of nature.  The Grand Canyon is 277 miles wide and over a mile deep.  The Colorado River winds along the bottom of the canyon.  Ground tours are available around the Grand Canyon.  Choose between hiking, bicycling, or riding a mule around and into the canyon.  Air tours and rafting tours of the canyon are also available.  The Grand Canyon is so large you have to see it to believe it.
Arizona is located in the southwest United States.  It is the sixth largest state and home to more than six million people.  The state is bordered to the south by Mexico and it’s northeast corner is part of the “four corners” site.