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The Golden State—an abundance of natural beauty and breathtaking scenery—that describes a California vacation! Whether traveling to Southern California or Northern California, the diversity of culture, scenic beauty and things to do makes travel in California unlike any other place in the world. A Free California Travel Brochure is a must in your pocket for visiting this western state.

Visit cities like Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco to enjoy all the excitement and beauty they have to offer. California also offers arts & culture, theme parks, spa experiences, shopping, as well as numerous outdoor activities such as beach and ocean activities, hiking, biking, and golfing. The California Travel Guide will help you organize your favorite things to do.

From busy cities to quiet sunsets, California is a place all visitors can create lasting memories.
If you’re planning a vacation to California, you may be looking for travel deals.  The tourism industry is highly competitive in this sunny western state, and deals on hotels, cars, and attractions are easy to find. A good resource for California travel deals is  Here you will find some of the best deals on hotel accommodations the state has to offer.  Click through the menu, and choose the part of California you’re planning on visiting to find the best deals.  For example, a visitor traveling to the central coast can stay at the Good Night Inn Camarillo in Ventura county for only $40.00 per night! The site offers incredible deals on area attractions as well.  Popular tours, such as the Alcatraz Island Tour are available at a discounted rate.  Ride around town town in an open top bus, sample local wines, or even visit a museum for a fraction of the normal price. When visiting California, even more travel deals can be found by showing your military ID or AAA card at top attractions, hotels, and restaurants.  The tourism industry is alive and strong in California and competition is fierce between retailers, so don’t be afraid to inquire about potential discounts.  With so many travel deals available, a great vacation has never been more affordable! Visit here as well: (Note: A request for brochure will add you to Riverside CVB's email list, and you will be directed to download their electronic guide once your registration is complete on
California, also known as the golden state, has long been luring tourists to its pristine beaches and celebrity packed sidewalks.  The super sized western state boasts 840 miles of beautiful coastline along the Pacific Ocean.  California is the third largest state in the United States after Alaska and Texas. California is home to both the lowest point in the United States, as well as the highest point in the 48 continuous states.  Mt. Whitney is the highest mountain in the lower 48 states.  Death valley, at 282 feet below sea level is the lowest point. The state of California is home to more than 37 million people and is the most populous state in the Nation.  Entertainment, tourism, technology and agriculture are the states primary industries.  If California were a country, it would have the eighth largest economy in the world! A variety of plants and animals call California home.  The northern part of the state houses the great Redwood forests, along with the Giant Sequoia trees.  Giant Sequoia trees are some of the oldest living things on Earth, some are believed to be 4,000 years old!  A wide variety of animals inhabit the state, including 118 species of endangered animals. With such variety, it’s easy to see why so many people call the state home, and why so many other people choose to vacation in California each year.
California is a large state with thousands of things to do and places to see.  With so many options, deciding where to go on your vacation may seem like an impossible task.  No matter what you enjoy doing, rest assured that California has what you’re looking for. For most travelers to the golden state, beaches tops their list of places of interest.  With 840 miles of coast line, there are plenty of beaches to choose from.  Most notably there is Malibu and Laguna beach.  Both are great places to spot celebrities soaking up the sun. After soaking up the sun, take a trip out to the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.  The mammoth landmark is one of the most photographed places in the world.  The sign is best viewed from the city, though tourists are able to walk right up to it for close-up viewing. If your travels take you near San Francisco, stop by the Golden Gate Bridge.  This iconic symbol of California has graced the cover of dozens of post cards, and is one of the top tourist attractions in the state.  Parks near the base of the bridge provide spectacular viewing opportunities. Signs along the highways will point out other places of interest you may want to visit.  No matter what part of the state you travel to, you’ll find plenty of things to do and see in California!
If your ideal vacation includes plenty of outdoor activities, then California is the place to be!  The state has hundreds of parks and countless activities ranging from the mundane to the extreme.  State parks and forests dot the landscape  throughout the state and visitors can enjoy a uniquely Californian experience at each one. The Redwood forests in the northern part of the state are full of hiking trails.  Leisurely stroll amongst the tallest trees in the world and take in scenic forest.  For the less adventurous, roadways are cut through the forest so you can enjoy the gentle giants from the comfort of your car. Yosemite National Park is one of the most famous parks in California.  Visitors to the park can enjoy a variety of activities, including rafting along the Merced River.  All types of nonmotorized crafts are allowed in the river, including kayaks.  Bring your own vessel or rent one once you arrive. Thrill seekers can also enjoy rock climbing at many of the states National Parks.  If you’re a novice rock climber, take a rock climbing course at Joshua Tree National park.  One day courses begin at $145.  The school also offers 2-4 day courses for an additional fee. No matter what your preference is, California’s National Parks offer an array of activities to suit all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts.
There are many ways to travel to California.  Whether you take to the skies or drive in via the extensive highway system, it’s easy to access your favorite spots for family fun. Travelers choosing to drive into California on the state’s primary roadways are subjected to agricultural inspection stations.  Motorists are questioned to ensure they are not transporting organic material into the state, as it could disturb the delicate ecosystem and farmlands.  Interstate travel is easy thanks to the states extensive highway system. If traveling a long distance to California, or traveling from one end of the state to the other, travel by plane may be a more feasible option.  There are a dozen primary airports throughout the state and many smaller airports as well.  Several of the states airports are international airports for flights that don’t originate domestically or have an international destination. California also boasts various railways that provide a comfortable and affordable means of traveling to and around the state.  Amtrack is the primary rail carrier in California. Lastly, there is bus.  Though it may not be the most comfortable or fashionable way of traveling, the bus is by far the cheapest.  Buses travel throughout the state, as well as within the many cities. No matter how you chose to get to California, travel to and around the golden state has been designed to be easy for the thousands of visitors that arrive each year.