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In every corner of this state, visitors can find festivals, performances, restaurants and gaming. From the Santa Fe Opera to the Great Duck Race in Deming, there is an event or festival to engage every visitor.

Even the food is fun and exiting in New Mexico. Chili comes in a variety of ways—all delicious. Visitors might spend a day at the horse track or in one of the casinos throughout the state.

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New Mexico Travel Deals If you’re planning a vacation to New Mexico soon, you may be looking for travel deals.  The tourism industry is highly competitive in the sunny Southwestern state, and deals on hotels, cars, and area attractions are easy to find. A good resource for New Mexico travel deals is the state’s official tourism website, which can be found at  Here you’ll find tons of helpful information about the state, including maps and a list of local happenings such as festivals and fairs.  You can sign up to receive a free travel guide as well, which will be very useful during your vacation! You’ll also get great tips on some of the best things to do in New Mexico, including seasonal activities.  Visiting attractions during the off season is a great way to take advantage of special offers intended to lure in visitors.  Do a little research and see when peak times and days are, and avoid going then.  You’ll enjoy fewer crowds and greater savings for very little effort. When you visit New Mexico, be sure to show your group discount card or military ID everywhere you go.  You never know when you’ll find an unadvertised discount to take advantage of.  Many places that have group discounts don’t advertise them, so unless you ask you may never know what is available to you.  You can also visit the website of your group discount provider for a list of participating retailers near your destination.  With so many ways to save, it’s never been so affordable to visit New Mexico!
New Mexico Overview New Mexico, also known as the land of enchantment, has long been luring tourists to it’s borders who want to experience everything the Southwestern state has to offer.  New Mexico has a rich history and visitors heading to state enjoy seeing the stucco houses, turquoise shops, and unique culture that has evolved in the area. The population of New Mexico is unique.  The state has the second highest percentage of Native Americans after Alaska, and it has the highest percentage of Hispanics.  New Mexico was at one time a territory of Spain, then part of Mexico, then a territory of the United States and finally it became a full state in 1912.  The colorful history and diverse population has led to a unique Southwestern culture, which is present throughout the state. New Mexico is home to more than two million people, which makes it the 36th most populous state in the United States.  In terms of area, it ranks fifth in the Nation.  Oil production, gas production, tourism, and government spending are the primary industries in the state.  There are many tax advantages available to companies willing to relocate to New Mexico, which is meant to draw in companies and help improve the state’s economy. New Mexico has a varied climate and there are dramatic differences in geographical features throughout the state.  Much of New Mexico is classified as desert, though there are higher mountainous areas that are forested and wetter than other parts.  During the summer, New Mexico experiences hot, dry weather and in the winter the higher elevations can expect snow. With such variety throughout the state, it’s easy to see why so many people call the state home and why so many others choose to vacation in New Mexico each year.
Places of Interest in New Mexico New Mexico is a large state with thousands of things to do and places to see.  The rich culture and diverse population create a unique vacation destination that any type of visitor can enjoy.  No matter what types of things you enjoy doing and seeing, New Mexico has exactly what you’re looking for! For most travelers headed to the land of enchantment, sampling the local flavor tops their list of things to do.  New Mexico is known for spicy, flavorful cuisine, and the rise in celebrity chefs specializing in Southwest cooking has created a special group of tourists looking to see if they can take the heat or if they should get out of the kitchen.  In the beginning of March, New Mexico sees an influx of visitors all headed to the National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show.  The show celebrates all things spicy and tourists have the opportunity to sample local flavors and purchase chili peppers to take home. Once you’ve had your fill of the fire, you may want to check out some old buildings.  Albequerque New Mexico is a great spot to check out old architecture while you enjoy some of the areas best shopping.  The center of the town features many closely packed shops that were once pueblo style homes.  Browse the local offerings, including hand made crafts in traditional Indian styles, and admire the scenic beauty of a time long past. If you’re a conspiracy theorist or if you simply like to think there’s other intelligent life in the universe, you must take a trip to Roswell, New Mexico.  The town is the sight of the infamous UFO crash, and thousands of visitors flock to the town each year searching for the truth.  Maybe you can uncover the mystery of Roswell and finally figure out if it was a UFO or a hot air balloon that crashed there all those years ago. While you’re out traveling, keep your eyes open for highway signs and brochures in restaurants.  Both are great resources for finding additional places of interest you may want to visit during your New Mexico vacation.
Parks and Activities in New Mexico If your version of a great vacation includes plenty of opportunities to get outdoor and explore nature, then New Mexico has just what you’re looking for!  The state has plenty of parks all over the place so no matter what part of the state you’re visiting, there’s a park near you.  Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, both typical and uniquely New Mexican. One of the most famous parks in New Mexico is White Sands National Monument.  The sand covers 275 acres, and it is the largest gypsum dunefield in the world.  Because the sand is white, it actually reflects the sun, which makes it feel cool to the touch.  This amazing desert is unlike any other in the world and challenges visitors to rethink their perception of the American Southwest. If you’re more of a thrill seeker, test your nerves at the Carlsbad Caverns in Southeast New Mexico.  The caverns are made up of more than 100 caves, and visitors can go on a self-guided tour or a ranger-guided tour.  The caves are also full of thousands of Mexican Freetail bats, which make their way out of the caves in large swarms at nightfall between May and October. If you prefer your thrills above ground, take a trip to Storrie Lake State Park in the Northeast corner of New Mexico.  The constant winds in this part of the state make for excellent windsurfing.  There’s also bird watching and historical markers telling the tale of the area’s danger ridden past when gangsters used to frequent the area outside of Las Vegas. No matter what your preference is or how adventurous you like to be, New Mexico’s parks offer an array of activities to suit all types of outdoor enthusiasts.
Getting to New Mexico There are many ways you can get to New Mexico.  Whether you prefer flying, driving, or taking a bus, there are endless opportunities to get out and explore this Southwest gem. If you prefer to fly, there is only one International airport in the state.  Albequerque International Sunport welcomes guests from all of the major airlines who take to the skies traveling in and out of the state.   New Mexico wouldn’t be the same without paying homage to it’s colorful extraterrestrial heritage, so it seems only natural for there to be a spaceport.  The town of Truth or Consequences has the Nations only spaceport, and it even has a permanent resident, UP Aerospace.  Rocket launches began at the site in 2007. If you prefer the more mundane, down to Earth method of driving, you’ll enjoy taking advantage of the states extensive highway system.  There are over 59,000 miles of highway throughout the state, and the rate of drunk driving has decreased dramatically in recent years thanks to a new initiative to finally put a stop to the epidemic plaguing the New Mexico roadways. Finally, if you don’t want to fly, you’re not headed to space, and driving seems too cumbersome, you can always catch a ride on the bus.  New Mexico has an impressive bus route, and visitors can travel to most parts of the state easily and cheaply by taking advantage of the less than glamorous mode of transportation.  You may not be able to tell your friends you rode in a rocket, but you’ll save plenty of money. No matter how you decide to get to New Mexico, the state’s transportation department has done its best to ensure you will have a safe, easy trip no matter where you’re headed to.