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The State of Wyoming encompasses the essence of the American West. Ordering a Free Wyoming Travel Brochure will help you find your way around this wide-open state.

This Western Spirit thrives to this day in the Cowboy State. The name Wyoming has its origins in an Algonquin word meaning large prairie place. No other place has such variety in its wide high plains and towering mountains, its frontier past as well as its role in the histories of native people.

Order a Free Wyoming Travel Guide and look it over to get a real sense of what Wyoming has to offer. The possibilities for making lasting memories are endless!
If you’re heading to Wyoming for vacation in the near future, you’re probably looking for the best travel deals to get more out of your vacation dollar.  Because the state doesn’t top the list of top tourism spots, retailers, hotels, car rental agencies, and area attractions all offer great deals to draw in tourists. A great resource for beginning your search for the best travel deals is at the states tourism website, WyomingTourism.org.  On this site you’ll find some of the best travel deals, including discounts on airfare to the states top attractions.  Tourists visiting Jackson’s Hole can save up to $125 on their airfare by taking advantage of deals on the website. The site also offers visitors plenty of information on hotels and attractions throughout the state.  There’s even an entire section dedicated to Yellowstone National Park, one of Wyomings biggest tourist attractions.  Even though the park crosses state lines, a large portion is located in Wyoming and as such many local businesses cater to tourists heading to the iconic area. When you visit Wyoming, be sure to show your group discount cards or military ID wherever you go for additional savings.  Not all deals are advertised and you never know what types of discounts you can get unless you ask.  You can even use the AAA website to locate retailers that offer a discount to members.  More often than not, asking is your best way of finding additional travel deals you might not otherwise have known about.
Wyoming, officially nicknamed the equality state, but unofficially nicknamed the cowboy state has been luring tourists to it’s wide open spaces for a long time.  The state in the middle region of America is known for it’s natural beauty and untamed wilderness.  Wyoming is landlocked, but there is still great variety in its landscape. The Western two-thirds of the state is covered in mountains.  The far Eastern side of the state is designated as prairie land.  The largest city in the state, which is also the capitol, is Cheyenne, with a population of 60,000.  Cheyenne is located in the Southeastern corner of the state, on the prairie. Just over 500,000 people call Wyoming home, which makes it the least populous state in the Nation.  In terms of area, Wyoming ranks 10th, and is the 2nd least densely populated state overall.  The main industry in Wyoming is mineral extraction, or as some people prefer to call it, mining.  Coal, natural gas, oil, and diamonds are all important players in the economy of Wyoming.   There are several wildlife refuges throughout the state, which serve to protect some of the natural habitats of native animals.  The National Elk Refuge is in Wyoming.  Several varieties of native animals call Yellowstone National Park home as well. With such variety throughout the state, it’s easy to see why so many tourists flock to Wyoming each year.  The variety and natural splendors call to those wishing to get back to nature and learn about the countries natural history.
Wyoming is one of the larger states, but in comparison to most state it is still rather undeveloped.  Even though the sparse population is spread out throughout much of the state, and many areas remain wild, there is still plenty of things to do and see during your Wyoming vacation. Most people don’t know that the Nation’s first National Monument is in Wyoming.  Devil’s Tower was declared the country’s first National Monument in 1906 by President Roosevelt.  The tower is located near the towns of Sundance and Moorcroft, and thousands of visitors flood the area each year to visit the easily recognizable landmark.  Nobody is sure what caused the formation of Devil’s Tower, though it’s fun to speculate! In the Bighorn mountains of Wyoming there is a clearing.  In the center of the clearing you will find a stone structure on the ground known as the Bighorn Medicine Wheel.  The Medicine wheel has been designated a National Landmark, and centuries of crow youth have visited the wheel during their vision quests.  Visitors are able to walk around the large structure and feel the power of the ancient land. Another place of interest with an ominous name in Wyoming is Devil’s Gate.  The landmark is an opening in the side of two mountains.  The gateway was an important landmark along the Oregon trail and was used by countless pioneers to help guide them West towards unsettled lands. If you find yourself at a loss for something interesting to see during your Wyoming vacation, keep your eyes open as you drive along the highway.  Markers, and signs will help alert you to nearby attractions you may want to visit.  No matter what types of things you enjoy doing, there’s something for you in Wyoming.
Parks and Activities in Wyoming If your idea vacation includes lots of time outdoors enjoying nature, then Wyoming is the place to be!  The state has many parks and countless activities for all types of outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.  No matter what part of the state you visit, there are many opportunities for outdoor fun. The largest and most famous park in Wyoming is Yellowstone National Park.  Though it actually spans several states, a good sized portion of it is in Wyoming.  The park is located on the Northwestern corner of the state, and spans over 2.2 million acres total.  Bears, Bison, Elk, and Wolves all inhabit the park, providing tourists with occasional up close encounters.  Yellowstone National Park was established more than 135 years ago, and very little has changed in the park since that time. For a glimpse into the mysterious past of Wyoming, head out to Legend Rock State Pteroglyph Site.  Legend Rock is a near vertical cliff with 92 pterolyph panels, featuring more than 300 figures.  The site is located near Thermopolis, Wyoming.  Visitors can now enjoy a new visitor center, picnic area, and interpretive trail. If you’d like to work on your archery skills during your vacation, head over to Gurt Cowdy State Park, near Cheyenne in the Southeast corner on the state.  Besides an archery practice range, the park also has abundant fishing opportunities if you enjoy catching salmon and trout.  You can reserve Hynds Lodge if you wish to stay in the park overnight. No matter what types of things you enjoy doing, Wyoming has activities for every type of outdoor enthusiast.
There are many ways to travel to Wyoming.  The state’s central location makes it easy to get in and out of the equality state, regardless of whether you prefer to fly or drive.  No matter what type of transportation you decide on, getting to and around the state is easy and enjoyable. If you choose to drive into Wyoming, you will find three major interstates to help you get around the state quickly.  Interstate 25 crosses from North to South on the Eastern side of the state.  Interstate 80 runs along the lower portion of Wyoming from East to West and Interstate 90 darts around the Northeastern corner for a brief time.  The small population in Wyoming makes the roads easy to travel with very little traffic. If you prefer flying to driving, the largest airport in the state is the Jackson Hole Airport.  The airport is small compared to prominent airports on either coast, but it is large enough to house over 500 employees.  Because there is only one major airport in the state, most people wind up renting a car even if they fly in initially. Wyoming is one of only 2 states in the lower 48 to not be serviced by Amtrak.  Because of this travelers headed into Wyoming have somewhat limited travel options available. Finally, there is the bus.  It may not be the most glamorous method of transportation, but it is economical and it does the job.  Unfortunately, bus service is not widely run throughout the state, as there are not enough patrons. Regardless of how you choose to get to Wyoming, travel to and around the quality state is simple thanks to it’s small population and large area.  Consult a map before heading out so you know where you’re headed and don’t find any unexpected problems along the way.